Ultrasonic Therapy

A lot of people know that ultrasound is used for looking at babies and also for diagnosing illnesses. But did you know that ultrasound can also help with different problems? Below are some of the health benefits of ultrasound therapy.

5 Effective Benefits of Ultrasonic Therapy

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1. Deeper Heat

Ultrasound therapy provides deep heat. Sound waves cause vibrations and when the tissues vibrate, this will increase friction to your molecular level, which means the targeted tissue’s temperature rises. This means that ultrasound is better than traditional hot packs, which isn’t able to penetrate joint tissues or muscles. Ultrasound heads also come in many different frequencies so they’re able to target different depths. This means skilled therapists are able to send the heat right where it should go.

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2. Deeper Stretch

That deep heat that is being generated with the ultrasound is able to help with relaxing a strained or tense muscle. This helps with minimizing muscle spasms that often come with injury or tension. It can also help with increasing a person’s range of motion.

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3. Tissue Healing

The deep heat from ultrasound can help with healing the deep tissues. It affects the cells of soft tissues and their metabolism. Not only that, but these cells will often become much more receptive to the healing fluids, and these fluids are found in the increase in blood flow that the ultrasound generates. Ultrasounds also can help with treating lesions on soft tissue and surgical wounds.

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4. Controlling Scar Tissue

Another one of the benefits that ultrasound therapy offers is the acoustic effect it has. The ultrasound waves cause soft tissue cells to have tiny vibrations. These types of vibrations affect fibers which are responsible for forming scar tissue. As time passes, when ultrasound is used it can help with preventing some form of scar tissue and it also may be able to help with breaking down some of the scar tissue.

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5. Reduced Pain

Ultrasound can help with reducing pain. Some of this control is a result of the treatment. These are things like the decrease in muscle spasms and tightness and healing tissues. But another benefit comes from the way that it’s helping the physical therapist do their job. When the healing powers and heat combine, it prepares the patient’s muscles for other types of therapeutic treatments which reduce their pain, including strengthening and stretching.

These are some of the benefits that ultrasound therapy can offer to patients. The good thing about it is unlike other types of therapy it doesn’t cause any type of pain. If you have a chronic pain condition or you have had surgery, you might want to ask your doctor about ultrasound therapy. It might be able to help you with your pain and your recovery.

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16 Health Benefits of Ultrasound Physical Therapy

√ Scientific Checked | Scientific review: Dr Heben’s Team

These days medical science has found so many alternative way to heal some diseases including therapy using modern technology such as ultrasound physical therapy. Ultrasound literally is commonly used to physical therapy. It has been used since long time ago as the effective way to heal some diseases. This modern machines will rise the sound waves in which it has higher sound than the frequency that we can commonly hear. Its sound will bring the positive effect to the patients and it will surely heal some diseases.

This useful ultrasound therapy is very famous because it has been used since the 1940s and it is useful to heal some diseases especially associated to muscles and tissue. Hereby the health benefits of ultrasound physical therapy You should know very well:

1. Stimulate the Metabolism Cells

For the medical researches, using the ultrasound physical therapy will effect the soft tissue cells of metabolism system works very well. For the result, the cells of metabolism that effected by ultrasound will stimulate on healing on the bloodstream inside the body. The heat of ultrasound can actually effect this process very well too. Thus, according to the medical science, using ultrasound will heal some wounds such as the surgical wound.

2. Treat the Scar Tissue

Another health benefits of using ultrasound physical therapy is that it can effect to the fibers which caused by scar tissue. The waves of ultrasound will bring the little vibration or micro-vibration inside the cells of soft tissue. That process will protect from the scar tissue forming. In the same case, its process will also block the scar tissue.

3. Reduce the Pain

According to the studies revealed that using ultrasound will cause on reducing the pain including the muscle spasms and tightness. It is the same way as the healing of tissue. The heat of ultrasound itself will bring the positive effect of reducing the pain especially on muscles.

4. Treat the Muscles Spasms

As it is mentioned above that using ultrasound physical therapy will reduce the pain. In the other sides, according to the study revealed that ultrasound physical therapy will really minimize the muscles problem such as spasms on muscles and also injury caused by tension. The deep heat of ultrasound itself can bring this health benefits. It is known in relaxing the tense or painful muscle on body.

5. Treat the Acute or Chronic Inflammation

Another health benefits of ultrasound physical therapy is that on treating the acute inflammation. Ultrasound physical therapy is known of its heat to heal some tissue including to heal the inflammation or even acute inflammation. The waves of ultrasound itself can effect positively to the skin and local tissue. The micro-vibration also causes the positive sensation for the patients who use it. In the other case, the heating of ultrasound will effect to the healing of injury with acute or chronic inflammation.

6. Reduce the Local Swelling inside the Body

According to the research focusing on ultrasound physical therapy revealed that ultrasound heating effect to reduce the swelling inside the body. Generally ultrasound is known with its healing on tissue relaxation but in the other case ultrasound can effectively work to reduce the swelling inside the body. Ultrasound heating and waves will increase and rise the local blood stream in which that process will reduce the swelling as well

7. Heal the Bone Fracture

These days medical science has been using the ultrasound to heal some diseases and injury including bone fracture. According to some studies revealed that ultrasound waves and heating can heal and promote the bone fracture very well. On healing the bone fracture can be conformed to the power of density in ultrasound.

8. Treat the Osteoarthritis

Another health benefits of using ultrasound physical therapy is in treating the osteoarthritis. The heat of ultrasound and the micro-vibration will increase the friction to the molecular level and it will affect to the tissue positively. This process will give the positive effect to the osteoarthritis patients. The deeper heat itself is contributing very well in healing osteoarthritis.

9. Treat the Phantom Limb Pain

There are many studies revealing the health benefits of ultrasound physical therapy. One of the health benefits of ultrasound physical therapy is treat the phantom limb pain. Mostly people knows that ultrasound commonly heals the muscles pains, therefore it is also useful to treat the phantom limb pain.

10. Whiplash Treatment

Ultrasound physical therapy has been used to treat some diseases even chronic inflammatory. One of the is whiplash treatment. Ultrasound physical therapy is known as the effective way to treat and even heal the whiplash among patients who are experiencing on that case. The waves of ultrasound itself will relax the muscles and the neck which are in pain.

11. Fight the Bacteria

Besides fighting the cancer cells, the ultrasound physical therapy can be very effective to fight and kill the bacteria living inside the body as well. Its heating and waves can block the bacteria living and it will lead to the healthy progression of the body.

12. Treat the Dental Condition

Another health benefits of ultrasound physical therapy is that its waves and heating can bring relaxation to the dental condition. Its heating will also heal the problem associated to the dental conditions.

13. Keep the Skin Healthy

These days medical science even try their best to find the best way to keep the face healthy and looks fresh without wrinkles. The facial treatment currently uses ultrasound to keep the skin on face fresh and strained. Ultrasound waves especially micro-vibration can help in generating the cells inside the body.

14. Remove the Spots

Ultrasound physical therapy is very good for wellness. According to some studies revealed that ultrasound physical therapy can be chemical peeling. It has been proved that ultrasound can reduce the pain and swelling as it is mentioned above. Moreover ultrasound for facial treatment can remove the black spots and also wrinkles. Thus using ultrasound physical therapy is very good to maintain the health of facial skin.

15. Treat the Acne

Another health benefits of ultrasound physical therapy is that it can work properly on removing the dead cells of skin especially treating the acne and rosacea very well. It is related to straining the skin cells. Using the ultrasound physical therapy can increase the quality of skin health. Thus, ultrasound can create the healthy and fresh look on skin.

16. Increase the Collagen

Another good news of health benefits of using ultrasound physical therapy is it can stimulate increasing the collagen inside the skin cells. According to the study about ultrasound, its micro-vibration can produce and stimulate the collagen very well. Thus, that process of ultrasound will make the skin face more shiny and glowing and healthy.

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Side Effect of Ultrasound Physical Therapy

Even though there are many health benefits of using ultrasound physical therapy, but there are some side effects You should know and understand very well. Using the ultrasound physical therapy will cause the nausea, dizziness and also the problems associated to breathing. Even the medical science stated that using ultrasound is the safe way but there are some problems we should know it before. The over exposure of the ultrasound frequency will cause the dangerous effects.

As long as doing the ultrasound physical therapy it is important not to be applied in the specific parts of body such as eyes, breast (especially women’s breast), babies or infants and sex organs. For the bone fracture healing, the ultrasound must not be applied for certain fracture of bones, wounds on skin and also women in breast implants. The most important thing that before doing the ultrasound physical therapy, it will be much better to consult to the doctor to get to know very well about the ultrasound and its side effects to the body.

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