TheraGun Percussion Massage Therapy

Find relief from nagging soft tissue pain and soreness from physical activity or lingering sports injuries quick with our percussion therapy treatment.

What Is TheraGun Percussion Therapy?

TheraGun percussion massage is an amazing treatment for those who deal with soft tissue pain and soreness. The tool provides fast, short duration pulses deep into the soft tissues of the body. This percussion treatment stimulates the growth and restoration of tissues by increasing blood flow to the affected area along with decreased pain and an expanded range of motion.

Powered by a 2,000-rpm motor, the TheraGun moves a dense foam ball or various attachments depending on the application in a back and forth motion at a rate of 33-40 times per second. When the vibrations and jabbing movements of the attachment combine and strike the muscle, it relaxes, allowing you to get into deeper layers of the tissue.

The TheraGun is used for recovery but is being used by world-class athletes to loosen up stiff areas before events, and during competition on the sidelines to treat and prevent cramps.

Dr. Jason Wersland created the device we use as a result of his struggle with muscle discomfort after a motorcycle accident caused a herniated disc in his neck.

Who Is TheraGun Percussion Massage For?

The TheraGun vibration treatments work wonders for athletes and non-athletes because we all have soft tissue, muscles, and are left dealing with pain from sports or other daily activity. If you have soreness or a soft tissue injury, percussive massage can facilitate the recovery process of injured muscles.

Percussion Massage Benefits:

  • Enhanced muscle strength
  • Improved muscle recovery
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Relieves muscle tightness
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Reduces muscle fatigue and soreness

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Health Benefits of Theragun Percussion Therapy

Pain Relief

Targeted vibration alleviates muscle soreness, spasms, tightness, knots, phantom pain, plantar fasciitis, and multiple sclerosis.

Recovery & Blood Circulation

Speed up the recovery process by boosting the flow of nutrient-rich blood and improved circulation.

Less Muscle Fatigue & Soreness

Train harder, longer, and recover quicker, and achieve maximum results from workouts with the help of percussion treatments.


What Are People Saying About Percussion Therapy

A revolution in muscle pain relief and an essential tool in recovery.

Men's Health

Fitness Magazine

a small sense of euphoria washes over the problematic area like a warm bath. It is bliss. I like to use it before weekend basketball games, running it over my legs and back for 15 seconds per muscle group, to get everything nice and loose and (hopefully) prevent anything from tearing. Then I use it again afterward to recover.”

GQ Magazine

“Life changing! This product not only serves athletes but takes care of your day to day aches and pains that come with sitting at a desk for 8+ hours. I recommend this to all parents, grandparents and athletes alike.

Roger R.

Percussion Therapy FAQs

What percussive massage device do you use?

We use the TheraGun G2PRO which is a handheld, battery operated, professional grade percussion therapy device that provides deep percussive massage to reduce muscle and joint pain, improve mobility, and enhance performance.

Who is percussion massage therapy for?

Whether you’re an athlete, professional, personal trainer, fitness enthusiast, or you suffer from muscular pain, percussion massage therapy provides a natural approach to improving your physical health.

If you are pregnant, please consult your physician before use.

What are the benefits of percussion massage?

Our percussion therapy helps relieve muscle fatigue, tightness, soreness, knots, spasms, stiffness, as well as symptoms caused by nerve damage, atrophy, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and a range of other ailments.

How does percussion therapy help relieve muscle pain?

This type of massage increases blood and lymphatic flow, breaks up scar tissue, reduces lactic acid, activates the nervous system and muscles, and resets the nervous system.

What do I wear during my treatment?

We recommend wearing comfortable gym or workout clothes. Clothes like form-fitting athletic wear, leggings, etc.

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