Localized Cryotherapy

Forgo traditional icing with localized cryo to decrease pain, inflammation, and swelling while rapidly increasing athletic recovery time.

What Is Localized Cryotherapy?

Lasting up to ten minutes, localized cryotherapy is ideal for people who want to treat particular areas of the body such as a knee injury or areas of cellulite.

Localized cryotherapy is used to target areas of the body and skin that are in pain or inflamed to cold temperatures between -240°F to -256°F for about 5 – 10 minutes per location. With localized cryo, we can control the temperature, and the amount of time it is applied to specific areas that need the most treatment as opposed to our whole body cryo treatments.

Not all clients are comfortable standing in a freezing chamber so localized cryo can be more comfortable for some people. Those who have recent injuries and or post-surgical recovery, localized cryotherapy is more effective because we can apply therapeutic cold for more extended periods of time and we can penetrate deeper into the damaged tissues to help stimulate healing and repair.

Recover & Heal Quicker With Localized Cryotherapy?

Localized cryo helps immensely to facilitate recovery from injuries as well as reducing cellulite formation. Cryotherapy is one of the essential components of the first aid treatment for musculoskeletal injuries known as R.I.C.E therapy – Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

Localized Cryo Benefits:

  • Constrict blood vessels to slow and reduce inflammation
  • Increase muscle repair caused by injury
  • Reduce and eliminate pain and discomfort caused by inflammation or injury
  • Decrease swelling from surgery
  • Tighten skin and reduce fat deposits

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Health Benefits of Localized Cryotherapy

Pain Relief

Cryo treatment slows down nerve signal transmissions and releases a neurotransmitter that reduces pain sensitivity.

Health & Wellness

Cryotherpay helps insomnia, induces deeper sleep, reduces stress and anxiety, and improves the immune system and organ function.


Cryo treatment speeds up the
recovery process by boosting the flow of
nutrient-rich blood and improved circulation.

Weight Loss

Stimulate blood flow throughout the body and boost the delivery of oxygenated blood, which leads to the increase of metabolic rate.

Performance & Fitness

Train harder, longer, and recover quicker, and achieve maximum results from workouts with whole body cryotherapy treatments.

Anti-Aging & Beauty

Stimulates collagen production in the deeper layers of skin resulting in a smoother, firmer and more youthful look.


What Health Experts & Athletes Are Saying About Cryotherapy

“It makes me feel better and helps me recover faster.”

Steph Curry

Athlete and NBA Champion

“I felt great immediately afterwards. Seriously, I felt an almost addictive feeling of wellness for most of the day.”

Bobbi Brown

Founder of Bobbi Cosmetics

“I’ve been doing cryotherapy every day for 2 weeks straight. 250 degrees below zero. The benefits are incredible. Aches and pains dissolve and you feel like you can jump over the moon.”

Joe Rogan

Comedian, Podcaster and MMA Athlete

“Cryotherapy has found fans in athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo and the New York Knicks.”

Men's Health

Fitness Magazine

Cryotherapy FAQs

What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is the science of using cold temperatures to safely lower your skin’s temperature to induce four main health benefits: Recovery, beauty, weight loss and overall health and wellness.

How long are spot treatments?

Localized cryo treatments last 5-10 minutes, targeting specific body parts for aid in recovery or beauty benefits.

How often can I get treatment?

We recommend 1-3 times per week for a consecutive 5 weeks. However, each persons needs are different. Please discuss with our cryo consultant to improve your results.

Are there any reasons why I shouldn’t do a cryotherapy session?

Most people can do a cryotherapy session. The people who cannot are anyone who has: (1) An unmanaged hypertension or a pacemaker, (2) has a history of or is being treated for cancer (3) has deep vein thrombosis, (4) a cold allergy or (5) is pregnant should not use cryotherapy. If you have questions about whether you have any risk, you should first ask your healthcare provider before using a cryo chamber.

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Side Effect of Ultrasound Physical Therapy

Even though there are many health benefits of using ultrasound physical therapy, but there are some side effects You should know and understand very well. Using the ultrasound physical therapy will cause the nausea, dizziness and also the problems associated to breathing. Even the medical science stated that using ultrasound is the safe way but there are some problems we should know it before. The over exposure of the ultrasound frequency will cause the dangerous effects.

As long as doing the ultrasound physical therapy it is important not to be applied in the specific parts of body such as eyes, breast (especially women’s breast), babies or infants and sex organs. For the bone fracture healing, the ultrasound must not be applied for certain fracture of bones, wounds on skin and also women in breast implants. The most important thing that before doing the ultrasound physical therapy, it will be much better to consult to the doctor to get to know very well about the ultrasound and its side effects to the body.

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